National Science Shop projects

  • Nature into grey zones (2013-2016)

    The project aims to unseal and close to nature greening of urban industrial areas. Furthermore, the campaign aims to raise awareness among both corporate representatives and citizens for the urban margins for biodiversity conservation in urban areas and to make them actors. The project is funded by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, the Foundation Environment and Development of NRW and the 'Lebendige Stadt' Foundation. Read a summary in English or the project's website in German

  • Green light on the harbour canal (Groen licht aan het Havenkanaal) (2014)

    A research project carried out by the University of Groningen’s Science Shop 2014 involved different stakeholders such as the municipality of Assen, the Drenthe Bat Working Group, the Bureau BügelHajema of Assen and the University of Groningen. The result: green LED street lights on the canal in Assen are efficient and environmentally friendly and do not disturb the bats. Read more