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Re-imagining Research Relationships – Co-creating Knowledge in a Democratic Society

5th Living Knowledge Conference, 10-12 May 2012 in Bonn, Germany
Science Shop Summer School, 8-9 May 2012 in Bonn, Germany

Over the past 10 years Science Shops and community-based research have found their place on the agenda of science policy-making. The forthcoming focus on innovation to guide research requires to re-imagine research relationships and see how knowledge co-creation can be advanced over the coming years. The 5th Living Knowledge Conference will focus on different themes to get more insight into processes, and to develop specific policy recommendations that resonate with public concerns and articulated research needs. It will be an opportunity to bring together some of the key thinkers and practitioners both from civil society partners and the academic/research community in the area of community based research, university/community partnerships and Science Shops, and aims at providing options and opportunities for collaboration, and ensuring that this area of work is prioritised on policy agendas both nationally and internationally.

The 5th Living Knowledge Conference will also be a platform to exchange and discuss findings and results from the first half of the PERARES (Public Engagement with Research and Research Engagement with Society) project. PERARES strengthens public engagement in research (PER) by developing multi-annual action plans, involving researchers and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the formulation of research agendas and the research process. It uses debates on science to actively articulate research requests of civil society.

The conference is hosted by the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn, a founding member of the International Science Shop Network and will provide an opportunity for policy makers, academics and CSOs to consider current practice and future opportunities in the field of research partnerships.


Conference objectives

  • Evaluate strategies for embedding community engaged research in universities
  • Strengthen the participative and empowering communication culture as a basis for healthy knowledge societies
  • Influence international research policies and priorities
  • Advance the way Science Shop like initiatives can engage CSOs and researchers in collaborative research activities
  • Encouraging co-operative and partnership working
  • Exchange, disseminate and evaluate results of the first half of the PERARES project
  • Bring Science Shops to the policy agenda in Germany

Conference Themes:

  • Setting shared research agendas by CSOs and Research
  • The role of Higher Education in creating knowledge with communities
  • Communities and students learning together
  • Evaluation and quality improvement: New lessons learned on measuring the value of community engagement and collaborative research
  • Developing partnership working for research – civil society engagement
  • Policies to support collaborative research relationships

Within all themes we welcome both good practices and dead ends: the insights in mistakes made and lessons learned are equally important as success stories!


  • Reviewed and updated action plans for public engagement with researchers
  • Strengthen the exchange platform for projects under science in society calls and beyond
  • Creation of new and strong links to other networks
  • Examples of practice and training for new and emerging Science Shops. Additional examples and insights in good practices and lessons learned from mistakes
  • Strengthen strategies for building community/researcher partnerships



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