Field trips on 9 May 2012

*Please note: the offer is valid only for the registered conference participants.

Kommern: Open-Air Museum/Rhenish State Museum of Folklore

Foto Kommern

The LVR-Open-Air Museum/Rhenish State Museum of Folklore, one of the biggest open air museums in Europe, shows on 95 ha the former life of the Prussian province at the Rhine. About 60 buildings from the end of the 15th century  from all over the Rhineland – residential buildings, farmyards, windmills, workshops, but also village community buildings such as a school and bakery, a dance hall and a chapel – have been reerected in the museum.

We offer you a english guided visit of the exhibition “We Rhinelanders”, which establishes the identity of the people from the region for a better understanding of their origins and helps to get to know the Rhinelanders better. It presents the history of the Rhineland as a landscape in the heart of Europe, from the “time of the French” up till the 1950’s of the last century.


Organizational details:

We Rhinelanders

  • Start of the trip to Kommern: Wednesday, 9 May 2 pm at the Gustav Stresemann Institut. We will be back in Bonn around 6 pm.
  • A bus for a maximum of 16 people will be organised. Places are allocated on a “first come, first served” base
  • The trip will be accompanied
  • There will be an english tour guide for the exhibition “We Rhinelanders”
  • More information about the Exibition“We Rhinelanders”
  • Information about the Museum



NaturGut Ophoven

NaturGut Ophoven

In close proximity to the city of Leverkusen (approx. half an hour from Bonn) lies the landmarked moated castle Ophoven circled by a 60.000 m2 ground of pure nature. The ‚NaturGut Ophoven’ is an educational institution and has been cooperation partner of the Bonn Science Bonn in several projects. It provides a center of learning for topics such as environmental sustainability or the handling of nature’s resources. It stages more than 80 different programmes about nature and environment open for nursery groups and up to school groups.
The area consists of an old castle, where children can explore the life of the medieval times, a huge outdoor area, where one can examine the ecosystem of the forest or a whole year for a bird in fast motion. You will be invited for a guided tour.


Organizational details:

  • Start of the trip: Wednesday, 9 May 2 pm at the Gustav Stresemann Institut
  • The trip will be accompanied
  • You will be invited for a guided tour in English
  • Information about the NaturGut Ovphoven (website only in German)



International Garden Bonn, ‘Grüne Spielstadt’

Internationaler Garten

The International Garden Bonn, a project of the Science Shop Bonn is a  green area where foreign families in Bonn can apply for a 40 m2 piece of land. Here they can seed and harvest their vegetables or fruits, while with joined forces of the gardeners a strong community is built. Meanwhile around 20 families from over 15 countries harvest potatoes, onions or radish every year. The International Garden is allocated in the area of the ‚Grüne Spielstadt’ which combines the work of humans and nature. The founding idea of the ‘Grüne Spielstadt’ was that of a social sculpture, where single houses built from willow trees, stones or figures motivate the visitors to interact with nature and its habits. The general programme of ‘Grüne Spielstadt’ offers workshops, an ecological herb garden and relaxation on the wide 4.500 m2 area with lots of hidden spots and art.

Grüne Spielstadt


Organizational details:

  • Start of the trip: Wednesday, 9 May, 2.30 pm at the Gustav Stresemann Institut
  • The trip will be accompanied
  • You will get a guided tour in English



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