Presenter guidelines

Abstracts and full papers

The length of an abstract should be limited to 400 words. Research presentations must show theoretical under-pinning. With the confirmation mail accepted presenters will be asked to submit a full paper of 3 pages / 2000 words for the proceedings. We will publish all full papers  received until Friday, 30 March 2012  in the conference book.

Please allow us to point to the fact that even as accepted presenter you will have to register for the conference and pay the conference fee. After your mandatory registration we will upload your abstract / full paper to our conference website.
In early April we will send all presenters a detailed speaker information to prepare for your presentation at the 5th Living Knowledge Conference.

Organisations active in or involved in PER will be given the opportunity to send one page / 700 words information about their activities to be published in the conference programme / proceedings. Giving this opportunity actors get visible (also for possible funders). This might be restricted to organisations of accepted presenters but also beyond.

The conference programme will be available for download but also handed out to each conference participant.



Number of submissions

Each individual may submit a maximum of two presentations as the Primary Presenter. There is no limit on the number of submissions for which a person may be listed as a supplementary presenter.

Presentations that do not follow the guidelines, that are incomplete, or that are received after the deadline date may not be considered. The Steering Committee will try to accommodate all presentations according to the presenters’ stated preferences, but may reassign presentations according to conference programme needs.

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