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The conference’s virtual press office – news updates, useful information and audiovisual material (coming soon) for journalists and media professionals.

Please feel free to use the documents for your purposes. A hardcopy or link as reference would be appreciated.

Delegates on Living Knowledge Conference in Bonn 2012

Conference Book of the 5th LK Conference

Communiqué on Sustainability, Knowledge and Democracy


Streams of the plenary sessions

Plenary 1 – The Co-creation of knowledge in partnerships between research institutes and civil society

Words of welcome



Plenary 2 – Does Policy Matter in Building Partnerships between Civil Society and Research?


  • Dr. Claudia Neubauer, Fondation Sciences Citoyennes, France.



Plenary 3 – Changing Knoweldge Dynamics: Communities, HEIs and students working together


Plenary 4 – Challenges and upcoming agendas



The Film “Impressions of the 5th Living Knowledge Conference, hosted by Bonn Science Shop (Wissenschaftsladen Bonn) in May 2012”


The 2012 Living Knowledge Conference


Interview with Norbert Steinhaus, Bonn Science Shop, coordinator Intnernational Science Shop Contact Point,conference organizer


Flyer 5th Living Knowledge Conference


The PERARES Project





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