Living Knowledge Online Festival 2021

Save the date: 28 June - 2 July 2021

To fill in the gap in physical conferencesthe Living Knowledge Network will organise an online “festival”. It is a joint effort of Groningen University and international partners. You will be able to see and hear some presentations that were originally scheduled for the physical conference. And participate in a number of workshops and live sessions.  

To make the best out of the situation, many presentations will be done by pre-recorded videos. This will allow you - in whatever time zone you are - to watch them when you want to and discuss them through a chat function. Video presentations will also limit connection problems we hope. During the festival, there will be a social corner to continue discussions, and we intend to organize a few thematic discussions. Like the live sessions and workshops, these will however be during European daytime only.

More information will be available soon, as we’re still working on logistics. But we do hope to meet and greet all of you soon, even if it has to be online for now!