About us

Living Knowledge 7 is being hosted by Dublin Institute of Technology on behalf of the Living Knowledge Network.
This conference is being funded by the European Commission as part of the EnRRICH project – Enhancing Responsible Research and Innovation through Curricula in Higher Education. EnRRICH aims to build policy, practice and partnerships to create a better awareness of the value of RRI in the curriculum, and to build the capacity of students across Europe to engage in collaborative, ethical open research with communities.
The EnRRICH project is led by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Science Shop/Science Communication Unit.
It has thirteen partners across Europe, including Higher Education Institutions and Civil Society Organisations:

  • Queens University Belfast (QUB), Science Shop
  • University of Cork, Community Academic Research Links initiative (CARL)
  • University of Sassari (UNISS), FOIST Laboratory
  • Science Shop Bonn
  • Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Access and Civic Engagement Office, and Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre
  • University of Cambridge (UCAM), Public Engagement
  • Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Business Administration
  • University of Vechta, Science Shop Vechta/Cloppenburg
  • Wageningen University (WU), Education and Competence Studies
  • IrsiCaixa, Unit of Public Engagement on Health Research
  • University of Lyon (UdL), Science & Society Department
  • Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Strategic Development Department