Site Visits / Pre-Conference Workshops

We are delighted to invite participants to book for site visits/workshops with community partner/civil society organisations on Tuesday afternoon, June 21st. These will start at 2pm and finish by 5pm at the latest, with a charge of €5 to cover tea/coffee and refreshments. The three site visits are being hosted by Wells for Zoe and St Michael’s Youth Project and are summarised below. Places can be booked when registering for the conference.
Places are limited so please book early!

We are also delighted that the National Coordinating Centre for Civic Engagement (UK), Community-Based Research Canada, and Campus Engage (Ireland) are hosting an Engaged Practice Learning Exchange event on Tuesday morning, June 21st. There will be a €15 charge to cover tea/coffee and lunch. Details are below, and places can be booked through the registration system. Again places are limited so please book early!

Site visit A: Wells for Zoe

Wells for Zoe_Adult-EducationWells for Zoe is an international voluntary organisation which has provided opportunities to Irish students and researchers to incorporate international development into their work. Wells for Zoe operates primarily in Mzuzu, a city in northern Malawi, where the organisation works with local farmers, schools, families and broader society on diverse projects including the provision of safe drinking water and the enhancement of quality in primary education. Students, educators and researchers from Ireland who have visited and worked with Wells for Zoe have developed a deep understanding of the significant social and environmental challenges encountered in Mzuzu and in the broader international development context.Participants in this workshop will get an opportunity to meet with students, educators and researchers who have engaged with Wells for Zoe and explore how this engagement has helped to develop a global outlook in their lives while placing their disciplinary activity in a broader, international context.

Site visit B: St Michael’s Youth Project

St. MichaelsSt. Michael’s Youth Project is an independent Youth Project set up in 1986. We work with young people with fewer opportunities aged 10-21 in the Inchicore area. Participants will have the opportunity to tour the Youth Project and engage with the Youth Workers and some of the young people who were involved in various community-based learning and community-based research/responsible research and innovation projects with students from DIT. Participants will experience some of the work carried out to date and have the opportunity to discuss aspects of the projects such as the process of getting involved, meeting the tutor/ students, exploring needs of both partners, designing and delivering the project, evaluation and dissemination of results (benefits of project to both partners).

Site visit C: Desireland

DesirelandIn 2015 desireland worked in partnership with Dublin City Council and the National Biodiversity Data Centre to establish an educational venue for Lifeline Project Bí (pronounced ‘bee’) in Broadstone Park, Dublin 7. This outdoor classroom includes a public exhibition promoting the importance of pollinators to our food system, health and economy. The exhibition provides a publicly accessible urban educational experience on the benefits of enhanced biodiversity and how each of us can re-partner with nature in the city. This learning landscape links into ongoing Community Based Research/Learning with the DIT Students Learning with Communities Programme which is exploring the development of health products made from bee propolis, pollen and honey to highlight the importance of urban biodiversity, create green employment and fund the development of green infrastructure. Participants will walk the learning landscape with desireland and meet a group of citizen scientists and Dublin City Biodiversity & Parks representatives.


Engaged Practice Learning Exchange (Tuesday morning)

Engaged Practice Learning Exchange (EPLE)The Engaged Practice Learning Exchange (EPLE) is an international community of practice for those developing practices and programming around community-campus engagement, sponsored by CBRC and NCCPE. With Irish counterpart Campus Engage, we are offering this EPLE workshop for engagement practitioners and enthusiasts to get to know each other, and to reflect upon and share their stories in a creative, fun and interactive way. This event will provide an opportunity to be inspired by, and learn from one another!  The session will focus on conference themes Inspiration, Partnerships and Learning. Join us for this interactive session equipped with your favourite story, poem, object, picture, song or other symbol of inspiration – ready to talk about your work, and be engaged in the stories of others. Please note we will share contact details of those booking for this workshop with the event organisers, to enable them to send you information before the event.