Call for submission

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Inspire – Integrating community based partnership into learning and teaching for responsible research and innovation (RRI)

Would you like to exchange and develop knowledge and practices on how best to bring local communities, civil society organisations, students, researchers and educators together to collaboratively undertake responsible research and innovation? Please send us your proposals for interactive, collaborative, and engaging sessions for Living Knowledge 7 in Dublin, where we will build excitement, partnerships and policy by exploring these and other questions.

  • How can academics and community partners inspire students to become engaged researchers and social innovators?
  • How can we contribute to making high quality research more responsive and more participatory?
  • How can we encourage more people to explore and use the results of publicly funded research?
  • How can we make innovation more inclusive and more universal?
  • How can we inspire each other to try new approaches, change our thinking, and embed good practices?


What is RRI and why is it important?

The 7th Living Knowledge Conference is part of the EnRRICH project, which aims to enhance Responsible Research and Innovation through the curriculum in Higher Education. The grand societal challenges that lie before us will have a far better chance of being tackled if all societal actors are fully engaged in the co-construction of innovative solutions, strategies, products and services. Responsible Research and Innovation is a dynamic, iterative process whereby all stakeholders involved in the Research and Innovation practice become mutually responsive and share responsibility regarding both the outcomes and process requirements.

Final deadline for submissions: 7 January 2016