Corvinus Science Shop

Corvinus Science Shop (CSS), established in May 2017, channels community questions and needs into education and research in Corvinus Business School.

There is an ever growing need for students with strong sense of responsibility and wider perspective on reality, who are capable of aiming for higher purposes and engage communities through their future work and leadership. Corvinus Business School’s response to this need was strengthening the ties between educators and civil society actors and providing the necessary resources to allow for their meaningful collaboration.

CSS acts not only as an open door to the university for community members but is also equipped with methods and tools to facilitate a successful partnership between them. This effort is also in line with the so called “third mission” of the institution to become an open and inclusive university that puts its knowledge and know-how in use for the benefit of society.

In its pilot, kick-off semester Autumn 2017, CSS had four course projects in topics covering HR in a charity shop, pricing strategy of a community co-working office and marketing communication at a food donation initiative and a community space. It facilitated the meet-up of a CSO with a university institution to collaborate on an internal project to improve team cohesion using digital storytelling. At the same time, two thesis works were initiated (both work-in-progress). One that covers stock management issues of a rural mobile service for disadvantaged people and another one that, as an IT project, enhances an organisation’s website features and technological readiness to better serve its audience.

CSS can assist Hungarian as well as international students studying on the Budapest Corvinus University with projects.

If you would like to get in touch with Corvinus Science Shop, please contact

(Mr) Andras Martoni
Head of Corvinus Science Shop
Corvinus University of Budapest

1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
+36 1 482 5611

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