The Republic of Hungary is situated in Central Eastern Europe. The country covers an area of 93 036 km2 and it has roughly 10 million inhabitants, who speak a unique language which is not used anywhere else in the world. In the year 2000 the nation celebrated the thousandth anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian State. Since the reign of state-founder King Saint Stephan, Hungary has gone through golden ages as well as repeated trials, but has survived despite its stormy history. Today, Hungary, a member of the EU is one of the most popular destinations of visitors who wish to encounter this beautiful country with its towns and cities virtually living, breathing works of art, its people quintessentially European – intellectual, hard working and hospitable.

Lovers of nature and the great outdoors will relish exploring Europe’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Balaton, or the many conservation areas, each concealing a wonderful protected world. The country has one of the finest folk traditions in Europe, producing excellent examples of embroidery, pottery, murals and objects carved from wood or bone.

Its musical contributions are just as rich and range from the rhapsodies of Franz Liszt and the operas of Ferenc Erkel to gypsy and folk music. Hungary is also popular with visitors seeking rest and rejuvenation. Here there is a wealth of natural healing spring waters with spa facilities for visitors to choose from.

It is a country of diversity, full of sights and experiences that will impress, astonish and above all please its visitors.