Call for CSO

This call is now closed.


In what ways can civil society organisations (CSOs) count on academia? How can the two spheres work together?

For most Living Knowledge Network members, such inter-sector relationships are daily realities. We like to think that this taps into some greater good such as to recognise scientific and local community knowledge to be equally relevant, to make science work for and by the communities and to deconstruct the barriers among them. And so this Network demonstrates an array of ways to work together for the sake of mutual learning and for the discovery of benefits it brings to an organisation’s core activities.

The 8th Living Knowledge Conference is the bi-annual meeting hub of this open community of lecturers, researchers and civil society representatives. It offers the opportunity to delve into the wealth of experience around science – society partnerships and is very eager to learn from your experience too.

Here are some of the buzzwords from an educational perspective that are often mentioned in relation to these partnerships: Service Learning, Experiential Learning, Project-based Learning, Problem-based Learning, Community Based Research, Participatory Research, Action Research, and Collaborative Research.


In case your organisation works with a university or research institute or acts as an intermediary for your target group, this conference gives you valuable space and access to a pool of knowledge and a community that embraces similar values and practices.


This year, the LK8 Conference offers a special session dedicated to civil society organisations. We invite you to bring in a dilemma from your area related to working in science – society partnerships, which will then be highlighted and discussed in great detail by participants from every angle. We dedicate each day a two-hour session for Dilemma Session that gives you an opportunity to draw on the rich experience of the people in the room.


You are welcome to

  • join the conference or
  • join the Dilemma Session only

In other words, you have the option to participate at the conference with or without bringing a dilemma from your work into the Dilemma Session. You also have the option not to attend the conference but to come to one of the Dilemma Sessions that discusses your dilemma.


Call for participation for the conference and/or to submit your dilemma, is open between 1st December 2017 until 30th January 2018 through this registration form.

Fee and other cost: organisers are currently seeking donor funding to support the participation of CSO representatives. This is underway and we don’t know the amount we are going to be able to rally. At registration we ask you to indicate, on a solidarity basis, the cost that you or your organisation can bear. This means that the more you can cover from your own cost (registration fee, travel cost, accommodation), the more other, less financially capable, CSO representatives can join. We count on your solidarity to pitch in according to your budget.

Selection criteria: if a selection of participants is necessary, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) will decide based on (not in order of priority):

  1. motivation to join the conference,
  2. relevance (of the organisation’s mission to science – society partnerships, and its possibility to use the conference learnings),
  3. connection (how and in what ways is the organisation’s activities are connected to the topics of the conference),
  4. the available overall budget and number of seats for CSO representatives to attend the conference. The budget is not yet known (see above). Your financial contribution is not a decisive factor of your participation.

Decision on participation: we will process all registrations and give you a feedback on your participation no later than 1st March 2018.