Proposal submission

The proposal submission system is open until 21st January 2018. Notification of acceptance is due at 20th of February.

*** Please also read: the Proposal Guide ***

The process via submission is as follows.

I. Please choose the type of proposal you would like to submit

  1. Poster

Ultrashort formats:

  1. Pecha Kucha
  2. 5-Minute Exposé for Co-operation:

Collaborative sessions:

  1. Workshop
  2. Problem-solving Session
  3. Storytelling
  4. Research Presentation
  5. Arts-based Proposal

Full Sessions:

  1. Proposal for Full Session
  2. Presentation in Full Session
  3. Discussion Panel as Full Session

II. Please provide the Presenters’ name, Title and a max. 3500 character text

If you submit a Full Session or Discussion Panel proposal, please also list here the names of invited speakers/contributors, as well as the title of their presentations if the session contains individual talks. Please note that speakers/contributors have to register independently, and submit a proposal in case they wish to give a presentation. Please note that one person can be presenter of maximum two proposals.

In your proposal please elaborate on:

  • how your submission contributes to the conference,
  • how the selected format serves your aim of contribution,
  • the collaborative features of your submission,
  • the expected impact of the presented work.

Your description will help reviewers to make an informed evaluation of your proposal and will orientate the Local Organizing Community in creating the programme.

If you submit an Arts-based project, and would like to include a picture, a video or other types of online content, please add a web link to the description of your proposal which allows reviewers to check the additional material.

Here’s a summary table of all types of formats with length and details.

Type of Proposal Length Details
Ultrashort formats
5-Minute Exposé for co-operation 5 minutes 5-Minute Exposé is an introduction and invitation for cooperation. The session is organised in an Open Space format: Participants clearly and succinctly explain their “exposè” in five minutes, followed by discussions for new partnerships and cooperations.
Pecha Kucha 7 minutes Pecha Kucha is a presentation with 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The
images advance automatically and presenters talk along the images. This can be followed by an interactive question and answer session.
Collaborative sessions
Workshop 45 minutes Workshop provides space for experiential learning. Facilitators are invited to submit a dilemma to work on or any other workshop activities. Both the the subject and the method shall be included in the submission.
Problem-solving 20 minutes Problem-solving session provides an opportunity to explore challenges, difficulties, problems encountered during the presented cases. Presenters not only bring their cases but also provide the method to engage participants and to work on the problem for the 20 minutes.
Storytelling 15 minutes Storytelling session invites a story – a genuine and authentic experience of an individual, team or community – to be told in 15 minutes and then to be reflected on by a multi-disciplinary team of academics and professionals in community-based research for another 15 minutes.
Arts-based Arts-based proposals and other creative interactive formats, like living labs, design games, film, poetry, art work, photo-voice, video etc. can be held throughout the conference. A submission to facilitate any creative format shall include a summary describing the problem or issue addressed, its significance, the timing and the technical requirements.
Research Presentation 15 minutes Research presentations demonstrate theoretical underpinning and original research.
Full Sessions
Presentations 90 minutes Thematic session with 3-5 presentations.
Discussion panel 45-90 minutes Discussion panel with approx. 3-5 contributors aims at exploring important topics and issues relevant to the conference themes. It might provide an opportunity for collective problem solving of an identified challenge.

III. Keywords

Please choose 3-5 keywords from our list of Methodological and Thematic keywords. Please note that at least one keyword has to be chosen from the list of „Methodological keywords” in order to have the submission process successful.

Evaluation: The following three criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

  • Relevance to the conference theme
  • Clarity of the submitted proposal
  • Social impact / Level of collaboration and engagement of the presented project

Methodological keywords

citizen science participatory governance
co-creation research with impact
community-based research RRI
cooperative reasearch science shop
engaged scholarship service learning
open knowledge social innovation
open sciences other
participatory action research

Thematic keywords

ageing food public engagement
anticipation founders public service
business gender equality reflexivity
civil society governance responsiveness
commoning health rural planning
commons inclusion science communication
community industry science education
critique learning & education scientific careers
diverse economy marginalized groups social justice
diversity migration solidarity economy
ecology minority transparency
employers mobility transportation
employment open access and open data urban planning
environmental justice precautionary principle youth
ethics public other