Report on 'Engaged Research' published by Campus Engage, Ireland

A new report 'Engaged Research - Society & Higher Education: Working Together to Address Grand Societal Challenges' was launched today by Campus Engage (an initiative led by all Irish universities and Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)). The report was produced with the support of the Irish Research Council, and the team which produced it included two EnRRICH partners, namely UCC and DIT. The report provides a stakeholder-informed and action oriented framework for engagement between civic and civil society, industry and professionals in research at higher education institutions; ensuring high quality and impactful research. The report also provides a series of recommendations for higher education institution leaders, research funding organisations, and policy-making bodies to promote excellence in engaged research and to make Ireland the benchmark for collaboration on international engaged research initiatives.

The core aims of the report are described as follows:

  • To develop an agreed national understanding of what engaged research is, the methods by which it might be implemented, and how it is designed, delivered and assessed to meet the needs and desires of all collaborating partners;
  • To develop greater awareness of the strategic opportunities and enablers for engaged research, and enhance the profile and recognition of engaged research in Ireland, both nationally and internationally, to effectively position Ireland in terms of EU and international funding calls.

Access the report here.