ENgaged ReseArch coNnecting Community with higher Education

Another European Science Shop project recently got approved! From 2018 until 2020 the five involved European Higher education institutions (co-ordinator Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Instituto Universitário da Maia, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen University and Vilnius College of Technologies and Design) in the Erasmus+ ENtRANCE project aims to enhance social responsibility of students, staff and of the institutions in general through delivering scientific research support to their local communities.

ENtRANCE proposes a flexible and multidisciplinary learning approach involving students and researchers/lecturers in collaborative research projects with civil society organisations (CSOs). An action-training programme will be developed, including seminars, field action in close collaborations with organizations and citizens, the set-up of local multidisciplinary working groups, workshops, and online transnational collaborative interactions. Pilots will run in each partner country (B, NL, PT, FIN, LT) involving all target groups (students, staff, CSOs) through multidisciplinary teams in order to answer societal issues raised by the CSOs. Furthermore, the project initial exploration activities – Science Shop need analysis and impact study - will result into new information on the state of the art concerning public engagement and actual research needs faced by civil society in the participant countries.

After the project kick-off in February, more information will be published in the LK Newsletter of March.